Monday, June 15, 2009

End of School Year treats

The end of the school year is always VERY, VERY busy!! A friend of mine calls it May "hem" and I have to totally agree with her! All the class presentations, rehearsals, recitals, special shows, volunteer breakfasts etc., etc., etc. It just becomes a whirlwind of activity. The kids love it -- they love to perform for us and my in-laws and we think they are great. Sometimes, though I wish everything would be more spread out so it didn't feel so rushed. Oh well....we always have a fun time too. We always make end of year treats for each classroom and this year we tried our hand at some chocolate!

The 4 year old helping. We didn't have "real" molds so we just used mini muffin pans. We poured the chocolate in (just a little) and then sprinkled crushed peppermint on top. Then we put them in the freezer for a little while. I was worried that we would have trouble popping them out of the pans, but that was not the case. We just turned them over and dropped them on the counter and all the little chocolates came out of the pan. Pretty slick. We just HAD to try them out - you know, to protect all our friends from eating something yucky - and they were pretty good. There were no extras to bring home after that last day of school so I think all the kids and teachers thought they were yummy too :o)
End of year baseball cake for my 9yo.
This one was made truly on the fly. We had so many events leading up to this last game that I really didn't have much time. I made the cakes the night before and frosted them about 20 minutes before leaving. I think it shows that I was really rushed - not the best job I've ever done. The boys really liked it so I guess that's what counts, but next year I think I'll give myself more time to do the job right.

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