Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I am sick of knitting bears.

Finally! All the bears for all the neices and nephews are complete! I can't wait to hand them all out - I hope the kids like them :o)

These are for 2 sisters who live in New York
For my neice in Utah

For my sister's boys

For my nephew in Canada
This picture would NOT cooperate - so it has to be sideways :o(

For my husband's older brother's girlfriend's girls (say that 10 times fast!)

The whole gang! What a herd! My things 2 and 4 still want one of the mini-bears. I let them know that I need a break from bears for awhile - maybe I will make them for next year..... This year we are having the whole gang of our family here for the holidays. I can't wait to have all the cousins running around and all the fun and cooking and good conversation between all of us. It can't get any better than this for the holidays :o)


Vicki W said...

I can understand why you are sick of knitting them but they are adorable!

shopannies said...

these are so cute. I remember one year when my grandmother made everyone a crotched doll one year.

Rachel Gollub said...

But they're so cute! I'm so in awe of how much you do... :)

Pam said...

What's not to love - they are darling... PP

hakucho said...

Those bears are just about the cutest collection of teddy bears I have ever seen!! What's so nice about the is they way you dressed them --- they all have their own unique personality. I bet the recipients will love them for many years to come. I know I would :)