Friday, January 11, 2008

Back from the holiday madness!!

The holidays were a great time!! The kids had 2 weeks off from school-the first week was spent with family. LOTS of family. EVERYDAY. It was totally fun & great. We went on lots of day trips and also just hung out here at the house. The 2nd week we went to Disneyland with friends and that was also fun. Our family loves Disneyland (including the parental units) and I find it kind of relaxing to just walk around, play games in line and have no set schedule - just following the kids' lead.

The holiday knitting did get done. Lots of late night and early morning knitting :o). But I give you a:

hat for DD#3

a hat for DS#1
a sweater for DS#2

gotta love these buttons!! He does.

The piano scarf disaster for DD#1. This scarf I wound up knitting 100 rows a night at the very end down to the wire. It looked great when it was finished - the white was very white against the black; however the edges were curling so I decided to block it. I put it in a bowl of cold water and left it unattended for about 15 minutes. When I came back the water in the bowl was a muddy brown and the white of the scarf was no longer white - it was a tea brown color, but not an even brown color - it was splotchy. The keys did not stand up anymore, and it smelled AWFUL (I guess wet wool does that). I laid it out on our bed and left for the day in a decidedly downcast mood. The scarf dried and the keys stood back up again. It was still off color, but DH said that DD wouldn't know what the scarf was "supposed" to look like and that I should still give it to her. I gave it to her, but I could tell that she was not thrilled. I'm not sure what I did wrong and I haven't asked anyone yet, the dissapointment is still too fresh.

DD#2 closeup of her t-shirt. I love this yarn and the pattern

The T-shirt. She loves it and has worn it over and over again already. It has been washed (in the washing machine) and hung to dry several times and still looks the same as it did when it came off the needles. Gotta LOVE that!

DH's sweater did not make it to the finish line-but his birthday is in March-AHH another deadline :o).


Shan said...

Love the eyelash trim on that hat.

What a disappointment about the piano scarf! You poor thing - I would be crushed. After all that work.

HoJo said...

Hi there, was just catching up on blog reading and saw your piano scarf pain. I can't believe it bled. I'm so sorry, this is the first I've seen of that yarn behaving so badly. The knitting, on the other hand, looks great.