Thursday, January 31, 2013

Finish, Goal Check-In, and New Goals

The capri sun tote bag for my 17 year old daughter is complete and she couldn't be more pleased!
 It is made completely to her specifications - 4 foil bags wide by 3 tall.
 Nice sturdy zipper to close it with.
 For some reason, I just love the inside of this bag!
 From the side.  I placed the foil bags on the side, to give a little bit more width to the bag.  They do not quite go all the way to the top, but T is fine with that.
 For some reason, blogger decided to put my photos up not in the order I designated so sorry if this post appears a bit disjointed.  I did not finish sewing together the squares for this blanket.  I started them but ran out of time.
My new start for February as soon as I get it on the loom.

 This is the warp for my new scarf.  It measures 3 feet and there are 122 ends.  The scarf will have fringe, 4 inches of even weave followed by a row of leno lace and then several rows of danish medallions and another row of leno lace.  The center of the scarf will be a twill and the other end of the scarf will match this first end.  WHEW!!  I hope it all works out.  This will be the first time I have figured out the whole thing from start to end - the math for the warp, the design, the colors - everything.

 These are the squares.  I only got a few of them sewn together, but at least I worked on them!
 This loom I had hoped to tune-up in preparation to get it warped.  I would like to make a table cloth for our table and this one is wide enough to make a piece of fabric that will not need to be pieced.
 This is the yarn that I have chosen to crochet my sewn squares together with.  I love the lime green!
Here is a WIP that has been languishing around for literally years and years.  It is call Summer Breeze Bag (I think) and it was part of a KAL in a Yahoo Group I had been in.  All I need to do is sew it together - I am thinking to use something to make the sides a bit sturdier, so will be experimenting this month.

I did not complete my goals for January:

Make up one mug rug:  No
Sew squares for quilt:  I did get a few of them done
Tune-up floor loom:  No
Warp table loom with own scarf design:  I did design the scarf and measure the warp
Finish Capri Sun Tote for oldest daughter:  YES!!!

New goals for February:

Finish Summer Breeze Bag
Get scarf warped and started
Tune-up floor loom
Sew all the squares together for the quilt
Make up one mug rug

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Thearica said...

wow! I wish I knew how to use a loom! My friend in VA bought one last year and has been taking classes. I might just need to go spend a weekend with her and try my hand at it. That bag is going to be gorgeous!

I didn't get as much done this month either but it is all about working on our projects and showing progression.

I will have a brand new post up tomorrow for everyone to come and link up to it for their February To-Do List. be sure and come over and link up to it. :)

Tell your friends.

Linda in Calif. said...

If that Capri Sun tote was all you finished for Jan, you would have been successful, because it's so darn cute! Good luck with your Feb goals.

AllyB said...

Such bright and cheerful colors on your blog today. Thank you so much for the little mood lift. Nothing outside my window but snow today. That Red Heart yarn is very pretty.

Melissa said...

Your daughters bag is fab....never seen one done with a zipper. Good luck on your Feb goals....I not sure what I'll be even be doing.

MarmePurl said...

Love Love love the capri sun bag

WonderWhyGal said...

Look at you! Loving the project and the future project on your loom. I love Leno lace but mine doesn't always look like it should.

Jocelyn said...

Great bag and keep up with the goal tracking!

LynCC said...

OK - That Capri Sun tote is way too fun. :D

Tracy Joyner said...

hmmm..I find myself inspired by your list. It's a very good idea!