Monday, January 28, 2013


I have been thinking a lot about exercise - or to be accurate, the lack of it in my life.

I make sure that the kids are out everyday running around.  The older ones have sports teams and they also bike to school.  High school is 3 miles away for the two older ones and the middle school is 1 mile away for the middle guy.

I feel I have been a good mom in encouraging them to lead a healthy lifestyle that includes lots of outdoor play and exercise.

But, when it comes to me, I have not been so good.  There is always something that needs to be done or taken care of.  Or something that I would really like to do after my daily chores are complete (like knitting or weaving - both very sedentary activities).  Instead of exercising.

I also volunteer at the schools frequently and am now teaching a knitting class once a week.  I find that I am not having the same amount of energy that I once had.  I am getting older, but I think I should feel a bit better than I do right now.

I read the blog, Half Soled Boots, I find her blog very interesting, funny at times, and just plain ol' "real".  I love that.  Recently she set a goal for herself to run a 10K and started with a program called couch to 10K.  I did a google search and found a lot out there on this program - even different lengths of time for walking and running.  I finally settled on this one and have been out twice.  Today will be the third day.  I actually walk a little longer than the schedule requires because I have a nice 2 1/2 mile route around the neighborhood that I like.  So today I will do Week 1, Session 3 (I did not wait to start on a Monday - I started last Thursday, then went on Saturday and now need to go today).

This is my new goal :o), for me and only me!  Let's see if I can keep it up!


Jacana said...

You go girl !!! Before you know it will become addictive.

TC Harris said...

Good for you! I need to do this too. I have been losing weight, but I need to get on the exercise portion of it.

I have my tackle up for this week:

Shan said...

Hey, you mentioned me! Thanks!

I hope you like the running. I'm surprised how much I like doing it, and I'm also surprised at how do-able (wanted to say "easy" but that's misleading) the run portions are. I tried to do the couch to 5 a few years ago and didn't make it past week three: I didn't have a partner and got really, really bored. Also, I was driving to a different spot to do my run, and it just felt like such a procedure.

This time, I'm doing a warmup walk to a local athletic field (about 12 minutes away) and then running the laps on the chip trail around it. So, a good, forgiving surface, and not too much work to get there. And my daughter is with me so that makes it easier to stay the course!

Looking forward to watching your progress! We can cheer each other on.


Sara said...

I am trying to figure out what exercise will fit into my schedule right now too. Thanks for sharing.

sharon said...

I have heard of this program too- but have never had the guts to try it! I hope that you stick with it! And thanks for linking up!