Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday Tallies and New Yarn!!

11 puffs this week!!  Back on a roll - it is crazy how addictive it is to knit these little things!!
 I also had the chance to sew a few more together, but haven't taken a photo yet.
 New yarn in my mailbox is ALWAYS a happy occasion.  And these mini skeins are just so cute!!
 The names are just as cute as the mini skeins:  Berry Slushie, Grape Taffy,
 Raspberry & Cream and Purple Marshmallow,
 Grape Fizz and Plum.  The pink puffs at the top are made out of this Grape Fizz.
 This yarn comes from Tami and is part of her Candy Skein shop.
OOPS!!  These other skeins just jumped right into the package with the mini skeins!!  They are so pretty and the picture does not do them justice!!  These yarns have already been made into cakes and are just waiting for me to knit some little puffs with them :o)

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Carole said...

Oh I love your puffs and those mini skeins are adorable. Must find some time to add to my emeasly collection of puffs.

Sandsdal said...

Looks so good in these colors. I would also like to make a big lovely blanket in christmas gift to my sofa :) but i dont know how to knit those small "stars" do you have a litle recepi?

Heidi Kuijer said...

If you grab that yarn and it feels a little damp...it is because I was drooling over them...lol. How pretty those skeins are. The puffs are coming along beautifully!

Hugs from Holland ~

Sarah (Crafts from the Cwtch) said...

YUM!!!!! 11 is great and they are so pretty.

I have lots of lovely mini skeins, and some are so pretty I really don't want to use them, which is ridiculous, isn't it?!?!

Deb Hickman said...

Gorgeous little hexi's, love your new yarn, beautiful colours. Deb xx

karen said...

cute puffs! Those mini skeins sound delicious:)

Nicole said...

Lovely hexi puffs - pleeeease show us a photo of them joined :D I don't think I've actually seen one yet (apart from the original bee keepers quilt) which is odd because I know so many people were making these, I think I've just missed them some how :/

Very jealous of your skeins too, especially the bright rainbow ones - lush! x