Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hexi Puffs and Kid Chore Challenge

My weekly hexi puff update - 14 this week.  I'm not quite sure how this got done, since I feel we have been busier than ever - we had camps, dentist and orthodontic checkups, orchestra "stuff", and....well the list is endless!!
 I really like these color combinations and am working up the courage to start sewing them together.
 I really like these little ones that look like they have hearts all over them.  I learned a new technique with these - how to knit holding the yarns in both hands - one in the right and one in the left - definitely hard to do!  The tension is still not right, but I am working on it and am so happy to be learning something that I have wanted to know how to do for a long time.
My Tackle It Tuesday Project

Lately, we have been having a few challenges with getting the kids to do their chores.  They "forget" or they "don't have time" or any manner of excuses.  I saw this idea on Pinterest the other day and the lightbulb went one.  Literally, I heard a "ding" in my head!!  I sat down with the kids - all 5 - and we talked about the importance of chores and teamwork within a family.  How we all work together to keep ourselves and our home safe and organized and that we are all in charge of taking care of each other.  It was a great talk - not the kind where I lecture them and they roll their eyes - but one where they were totally engaged and had some great input.  I introduced this idea from Pinterest and they were completely on board.  The lists were created by them and I wrote them on clothes pins.  Then we made door hangers out of the back of some empty cereal boxes and clipped them on.  Every morning they start out with their complete list on the "To Do" side, and as they finish their work (we call it work here - and all of us have work), they move the clip to the "Done" side.  We'll see how it works in the long run, but for now they are all excited to move those clips!!  Hopefully this will decrease the amount of nagging from mom!

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Wool Diaries said...

I love the pegs, that such a brilliant idea. May it last long.

Of course your sexipuffs are outstanding and what a nice small project to learn new skills

Candace said...

Love the peg idea. Please let us know if it works long term as I could do with a system that truely works in our house x

Sherrie said...

Love those hexagons! Beautiful colors and the peg idea is awesome. Have a great day!

Food for Thought

Mlissabeth said...

Both projects look great!

I am an orchestra parent too, and like how you have added the cello in your example with the tags.

Nicole said...

That to-do idea is simply brilliant! Unfortunately I think my other half would be making one just for me...

The hexipuffs are lovely but my faves are definitely the ones with the hearts on them - looks very complicated! :)