Thursday, July 26, 2012

Berry Picking

Over the weekend we decided to go berry picking.  We haven't done this in ages and the kids LOVE picking berries!!
 The 4 younger kids decided to go on ahead - our 7 year old wanted to ride :o)  What are good big brothers to do?
 We spent several hours just picking Olallieberries and Black Berries.
 After eating, I am sure, pounds and pounds of berries, we left with 10 pounds of berries.  Lots and lots were consumed in the car on the way home.
 Some made it into this pie.  I am not a very good pie maker - it tasted good, but kind of fell apart when we cut into it.
 Some made it into these yummy muffins...
doesn't this look perfect! and some of the berries are still in the fridge.  Quick, I better make some more muffins before all the berries disappear!!

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Donna said...

Oh my gosh those muffins look delicious! We finally got some blueberries from our bush this year and I have enough to make some muffins.