Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One-a-Day Tallies

This week was a really good knitting/crochet week! Soccer games started with scrimmages each an hour and a half. 3 hours of good knitting time!! Also, the first grader still reads to me for 30-45 minutes EVERY day - he is getting more and more confident, though so that knitting time is soon to disappear. It's ok if he's still reading to me when he is...oh....say...23, right??
Without further ado, I show you 7 more hexi puffs!
7 more squares for the Gingerbread Bear Afghan
More kites - now these are truly addictive. The smaller ones are approximately 500 stitches to make, while the larger one is 2,000 stitches to make, so therefore the larger one should count as 4 kites. BUT I just couldn't stop, so I present 1 large kite and not 4 smaller ones, but..
5 smaller ones - see that orange one with the stitch marker on it? That one is new also! That brings the tally (if you count the large one as 4) up to 9 kites. WAHOO!!
This is the whole thing - I do think it is wide enough - now I just keep building up until I think it is long enough. If I keep going this way, it will be done in no time at all!!
Because I was on a roll, I pulled out the Whirly Gig that has been languishing for a LONG time and started work on it. This hexagon was done, but not sewn up, so I finished that in short order.
I went on to make another one because I figured that since each hexagon is made up of 6 wedges, if I added it to my one-a-day projects, I would complete more than 1 of them a week.
Then I just couldn't stop at one wedge, it just looked so lonely all by itself! So three more wedges were made.
Here are all of them together. I just love the way the colors meld into one another. I need 33 of these puppies and then they need to be sewn together. If I keep up with 1 hexagon and a bit more each week it shouldn't take all that long to finish it up! Although finishing is not my strong point - think of the fish blanket!
THEN, I wanted to try out a new crochet pattern that I had found on the internet a little while back. I printed out the pattern for it and put it in the "I Love This and must do it soon" pile. That pile is just way, way, too big :o) Thank goodness for Pinterest - now instead of printing these out, I just pin them!
All the yarn is left over from the Granny Stripe Afghan except for the white which I just had to have for these squares. You know, they would have looked so weird with a different color in that spot!
I made 7 of them and love them to bits! The pattern is called "Circle-y Granny" and if you click on the name it will bring you to the pattern. The pattern is super easy and really well written. I made the first one without a hitch and did not even have to rip at all. If you have been reading this blog for even a little bit, you know that almost all of my projects need to be ripped back at some point. These are not slated to become a blanket. I think a pillow for my couch will be perfect!! See you soon!


hakucho said...

Full steam ahead...you really accomplished a lot this week :)

Every looks great!

happy knitting :)

ElisabethAndrée said...

So many projects and they all look so pretty. I love the colors of the Circle Squares. Well done!