Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer fun & Romantique Sampler

WHEW!! These last 2 parts of the Romantique were finished last night. The due date is today! Why am I always cutting it so close?
Part 13
Part 12-my favorite part so far!
Romantique Sampler in all it's glory. I get the next two parts today :o)
Summer has been so much fun. We have just been hanging out and having a blast. It's been great to just follow along with what the kids want to do! Here J is having fun building with his blocks. He spent a whole day on this.
This is a fun craft I have been wanting to do with the kids for awhile. Use oil pastels (crayons work just as well, I just had these lying around) and cover a sheet of paper completely with big blocks of different colors.
Use black acrylic paint and paint over the entire thing, then before it dries, use a popsicle stick and draw your design. If you make a mistake, not a problem! Just run your paint brush over the paper to "erase" your mistake a go at it again :o) We did this for almost an entire day they loved it so much!
13 year old saying. Pretty cool huh?!
Shrinky dinks
They never got tired of watching these shrink up in the oven! We did this on and off for three days straight - all of the kids - it's nice when everyone has fun doing the same things. Other than crafts, we have had so much fun camping, going to the beach and spending oodles of time at the library. I LOVE SUMMER!!


chrisstitches said...

Fantastic/gorgeous stitching & cute kids' projects too.
chris b

Nancy M said...

Your sampler is pretty. I know one other person doing this SAL. I remember doing the colors and black when I was in school. Did we do the whole thing with crayons though?? I can't remember. I just know it was something fun to do and a surprise to see all the colors come through.

hakucho said...

I love your red rose. I love summer,too, but it goes by way too fast!!