Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Coin Purses

I first saw this on Hakucho's blog and thought they were so very clever that I just had to make one. The pattern is from Frankie's Knitted Stuff on Ravelry and this is the link to the pattern:
pinwheel purse.
This one is actually the 2nd one I have made and it came out pretty nice.
Started: 5/17/11
Finished: 5/21/11
Yarn: Deborah Norville Collection Serenity Garden Yarn
Needles: US Size 1
Color: DN800-04 Gems Lot: S582 2011-02
The bottom
All the parts. It really is a clever construction and a quick knit.

Putting it together is a little time consuming with all those seams.
This yarn is so pretty. The only thing I found was that it was a little splitty.
The first little purse I made that got me totally hooked.
Started: 5/13/11
Finished: 5/17/11
Yarn: Patons Kroy Socks FX
Color: 57242 clover colors Lot: 249378
Needles: US 1

I find it very interesting how these variegated sock yarns knit up. I never get tired of watching the color changes.

I have now started my third coin purse, but other knitted and stitching projects are also keeping me occupied so it might be awhile :o)

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hakucho said...

Great job on your purses! It really is a clever pattern :) I love variegated yarn, too...very fun to knit with!