Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tree of Stitches and Something NEW!

The Tree of Stitches from The Stitch Specialists Yahoo Group. This little piece comprises a bunch of firsts for me. I know the basic cross stitch, but there are two other stitches in this that I had never tried. It is the first time I am working on Linen - it is 28 count and I am working over 2 threads - also a first for me, working over two threads. It is the first time I am using anything other than DMC cotton. These threads are hand dyed and I bought them at a needle work shop. It was the first time I had been in a real needle work shop - EGAD I cannot say enough about this shop. It was.....amazing! So many beautiful canvases, fabrics to stitch on, threads, magazines and I am sure much more. I was so overwhelmed I simply could not take it all in. The woman who helped me was so very nice. She helped me pick out my fabric and my threads - Whew!! I don't think I would have been able to do it on my own - too many choices :o)
This picture comprises the first four installments. I have been looking at all the other trees in our group and they are all very lovely and all different. I have a few issues with my own though. Firstly, I am not sure I like the way the hand dyed thread I chose for the trunk of the tree looks striped. I was picturing in my head a more motled you know any striped trees out there?
This picture really shows where I ran into trouble. I loved the french knots and think those are ok. I also really liked the smyrna stitches - those were pretty fun. Then came the eyelets - I have struggled mightily with these. They are not exactly in the right places - I had trouble seeing where to place the stitches. The linen is giving my trouble too - the threads are not an even thickness and I found it hard to count and figure out where to place other design elements like the branch at the top. It is woefully out of place as are the eyelets right underneath it. I have decided to wait for the next part of this design to see if I need to take them out or if I can capitalize on my mistake and call it a design element. All in all I am having great fun with this. I love to try new things and I know with practice all these little challenges I am running into will clear themselves up, but as usual I am impatient with myself!
Look what followed me home!
A new to me Glimakra Victoria 4 harness loom!
She has been sitting in someone's storage for the last 35 years and I have to figure out how to set her up, but isn't she LOVELY!!!

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hakucho said...

Interesting stitches! My grandmother used to do all the fancy cut work, but me...I haven't a clue. Good luck. It will be beautiful when you are done :)

A new loom...looks like it will be keeping you out of trouble for the time being....can't wait to see what you'll be fun :)