Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Last week I saw the most adorable start to a new SAL on DJ's blog Tickled Pink in Stitches. I clicked on over using the link she provided and quickly downloaded the instructions for this SAL.
It's an Easter Sampler SAL and is the cutest ever! Unfortunately, registration is now closed as of March 7th and I didn't even realize I needed to register. I knew I needed to send in a picture of the first step before I would be able to receive the second step. I sent in my picture this morning (that's when I finished it) and sent an email with the photo - hopefully the designer will take pity on me and let me join and finish this. Here - can you see that my fingers are crossed!
I decided to join in on the TUSAL (Totally Useless Stitch A Long) over at Daffycat. It looks like fun to post a picture of your clippings every month and see them grow - and change color with the projects that are being worked on. I also have instructions somewhere around here on how to use these threads to make some decorative paper.....we'll see if that ever happens :o) For right now, it's just fun to drop the little bits of thread (and sometimes yarn) into the jar and look at it. I find it quite pretty!

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hakucho said...

I love the little chicks cross stitch...it's so cute :)