Sunday, February 6, 2011


That's the word for the week this week. We have been very busy as a family so as a result not too much in the way of crafty work :o( I am also fighting off some kind of cold and my energy has been a bit low. But I am NOT sick!!
Progress on the Monthly Dishcloth - only the first day and of course everyone else is done already.
But, played with this little guy
For some reason he likes the back as much as the front. It is neat the way the pegs stick through.
This fish represents the end of this particular ball of cotton.
10yo making a fleece pillow. It's not done yet. I helped a bit and then one of his friends came over and helped him to knot. Just the rest of the stuffing left!
15yo daughter made this cake - I frosted it - for her French teacher. The teacher has been out for a bit dealing with a cancer and is supposedly cancer free now, but she is very tired and worn out and I believe needs some more treatments so she is taking the rest of the year off. We wish her all the best and the cake says: "Good Luck Madame Wolfeld" I hope she is back next year with some good stories to tell.
8 fish for the week
This is as far as I have gotten on the second section of the Romantique Sampler. I hope to finish this section soon so I can receive the next sections.
This is how it looks with the first section.
AND since I was looking around the internet, I found a new SAL that is working on special stitches and I thought I would join in. It's called the "Tree of Stitches" and I first found out about it on DJ's blog, Tickled Pink In Stitches. Her blog is fabulous!! That led me to the Stitch Specialists Yahoo Group where this pattern can be found. It seems like a very nice and friendly group - everyone helping eachother out. I can't wait to start this!


hakucho said...

Good luck with your special project! It will be fun watching your progress :)

happy stitching :)

Emily in NC said...

Those fish cloths are too cute. Playing with your son is great, that is why I don't get as much stitching as I want, playing with my little girl. HUGS

chrisstitches said...

looks like great projects by all in the family. thanks for sharing the variety of work.