Friday, February 18, 2011


Fifteen fish "caught" in the last two weeks. I can't believe how many of the hot blue fish I got out of that ball of yarn after knitting a dishcloth. Granted the dishcloth was on the small side and I did use the Lion Brand Cotton which seems to have more yarn in each ball, but still.
I will need to do something about organizing these so that the colors are more spread out.
A respectable 68 fish so far!! I need a total of 180 so I am not quite half way there.
What do you do with an Easy Bake Oven that your 9 year old got for her birthday, but doesn't like because she bakes in the "real" oven?? Give it to the 6 year old. He LOVE, LoVE, Loves it!! The kits for these are uber expensive, but I have heard that there is a website that shows how to create goodies from your kitchen cabinets. Time to start browsing!
He is so proud of himself. He can make these all by himself which is so important to him right now. He is a big boy after all, you know :o) I didn't get a picture of the finished product because as soon as it came out and cooled off, he broke it into 9 separate pieces and handed it out to everyone. Because: "Mommy, it tastes so much better when everyone is sharing and eating at the same time." Boy, does he have it right or what?!


hakucho said...

Oh, boy...does that Easy Bake oven bring back memories!! I had one when I was little. As I recall the results of the baking was pretty bad taste wise...but I had fun. Glad your son is enjoying his sister's. I bet there are all kinds of recipes for the EBO on the internet and they probably taste a whole lot better than the mixes ;)

Thread N Stitches said...

That is so sweet, love it.