Saturday, October 16, 2010


Halloween has rolled around once again and we are looking so forward to having so much fun! This year we managed to find a theme that all of us were happy with - PIRATES!! Even the in-laws are going to be getting into it.
This will be the first year in many years that I will make all of the costumes. So very exciting!! When we first starting having kids, I made the costumes each year. But as we had more kids and then we had 3 kids in a little less than 4 years, I was just too tired to take on the task. Now I feel back to normal (whatever normal is! :o) and was chomping at the bit to make the costumes again.
After tossing around lots and lots of ideas, everyone agreed on being pirates. That in and of itself is quite the miracle since the kids range in age from 5 to 15. The best in-laws also want to be part of the group! What you see above are some of the 9 pairs of pirate pants being cut out. I was planning on sewing them up today, but with all the soccer games and various other things that needed taking care of, it didn't happen. It won't happen tomorrow either - 2 more soccer games and a wedding to attend - so hopefully Monday the pants will be sewn and the vests cut out. I can't wait to see these take shape!!

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hakucho said...

Good luck with all your costumes! I used to make costumes for my boys, but then I guess it wasn't cool anymore (after about age 8) for me to make them so I stopped. Now everyone is too old to go trick-o-treating ;) Oh well....
Looking forward to seeing your finished costumes :)