Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Granny Square Blanket

I have seen lovely pictures of these blankets all over blogland and have wanted to start one for a very long time. While I have been working on the Granny Stripe blanket, some of the colors just jumped out at me and I thought they made a good combination. Right away I decided to start one of these Granny Square Blankets!! I am using TLC Essentials and Vanna's Choice. Vanna's Choice has become one of my favorite blanket yarns. It is soft and really easy to use. I used it in a blanket I had knit some time ago so I also know that it launders very well - an absolute must around here!
I just love this color combination!!! It represents all my favorite fall colors!
A side view - I just love these types of photos. Although I am not very good at them! I will be putting all these "extra" projects away now in favor of Halloween costumes and holiday gifts. These "other" projects will resurface most likely at the beginning of the year :o) I just always gotta try something new though!


hakucho said...

A granny square blanket in fall colors...very lovely :)

Janaina said...

I'm 100% new to crochet (well... have been trying to learn it since my teens, w/ no luck, but now, all those "yarn over" seem to start making sense to me. Lol) and my aim is to make a blankie for my almost 2yo niece.
Your piece is looking lovely, well done!, and I'm debating with myself what would be easier: a granny square or a granny stripes blankie? Mmmm... Decisions... =)
Big hug from southern Brazil.

laoi gaul~williams /I\ said...

ohh thats gorgeous! lovely colors!

oddly yesterday i decided to make one giant granny square blanket for our camper instead of lots of small ones!