Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tiny Bear

I truly do like making these little bears. This one is for K - she has been wanting a small one for ages and I thought I'd make her one for the holidays. Although you can't see it, there is a clip attached to the top so she can hang it from her backpack if she would like.
Started: 8/6/2010
Finished: 9/16/10
Needles: US0
Yarn: #10 Crochet Cotton
Color #310 for feet, hands and head
Color #26 for legs, body and arms
White for the skirt
Misc. beads for the hem of the skirt and for the belt
My own pattern for the skirt. A combination of yarn overs, k2tog and then garter stitch.
Although this picture is a little fuzzy, I think you can see the beaded detail at the wasit.
More beads at the hem. These seemed to take FOREVER to stitch in place!
I think this is my favorite bear. I like the beaded detail and also the longer more complicated skirt.

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hakucho said...

Absolutely adorable .... my favorite too!

happy knitting :)