Sunday, September 12, 2010

Class Quilt

Every year our 2nd grade teacher has the students in her class make a quilt. The students come up with the quilt idea and then they learn some basic hand stitches. The students are always enthusiastic and excited when this time of year rolls around. This year the theme was "One World, One Nation" - I thought that was a very sophisticated theme for 2nd graders - Go Students!!
They decided to put a picture of the globe in the middle and flags from their ancestor's countries all around it. Myself and three other mom's helped out with this project. One of the mom's cut out all the globe components, I sewed the globe together, and another mom sewed the globe to the background fabric.
Sorry this picture is sideways! In class, the students cut out felt and handstitched their flags together. Then they embroidered their names under their flags. The teacher contacted our school photographer who graciously allowed us to use their images on our quilts. I printed out each child's picture on fabric, cut them out and then attached them to the quilts underneath their flags. The fabric I purchased was supposed to be able to be ironed on, but it was peeling off so I just tacked down each photo with "real" stitches to make sure they would stay put.

Here is a picture of the finished front. The front was finished before school ended in June and all the kids were totally thrilled! I think this is a great quilt - imagined by and mostly made by the kids - love it, love it, love it!! Another mom put on the backing and binding over the summer - perfect don't you think?
I also put the class picture on the back of the quilt. The quilt was delivered and hung in the class the day before school started this year. WHEW!! We wanted it up before the first day so the students could come back and see the finished quilt. Made it just under the wire!


hakucho said...

Totally awesome quilt!! Great job, students and moms :)

Shan said...

Love that idea. What does she do with them afterwards - just hang them as decorations in the classroom? I guess after a decade or so you'd be looking to donate!

stitchin' girl said...

Yes, Shan she does hang them as decorations! They literally cover all the walls - her walls are elevated and they also hang on wires through the middle of the room. It is pretty impressive. She does have to take the older ones down to make room for the newer ones, but she doesn't get rid of them. When quilt time rolls around she pulls them all out and she talks to the class about each quilt and the story behind it. It's kind of cool