Thursday, July 15, 2010

Project updates

There are now 12 stripes on my granny blanket from Lucy's Attic 24. I am in love with it!! Who knew crochet could be so much fun to do! I can't wait to crochet the next stripe - I don't really plan ahead, I just grab from the box of "class 4" yarns - most of which are Vanna's Choice, but some are different. I just compiled all of my leftovers of the same weight and am letting it happen. So fun and so hard to put down!!
This one is not as much fun. In fact, this is kind of annoying. Each section is picked up from the previous section, knit and then bound off. Thank goodness I know how to weave in as I go or else this one would just be placed in the "never to do" project pile. To give this project credit, I do like the way it looks and think a blanket will look very nice - it is the process that is tough.
Wacky hair day for your enjoyment!
The proper way to eat olives ;o)

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