Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Disneyland Knitting

We are back from a very fun trip to Disneyland and California Adventures. The kids were ecstatic! Our youngest is now tall enough to ride on most of the rides and he chose to do so. Everyone had such a blast!!
On the drive there, I finished knitting the last strip for blanket #5. What a relief!
The ends still need to be woven in and then all the strips need to be sewn together, but that can be done at home at night while watching TV at the end of the day :o)
At Disneyland, there was also knitting. The first strip on the 6th blanket was started and I think this is my favorite colorway.
I love the orange and the brown and how the yarn changes color. The pictures are not doing it justice.
My daughter had to take a picture of me knitting in line!! This is how I pass the time. So many people comented and one woman asked how the little bobbles were formed - she was very excited by how easy it was and told me when she got home she was going to try it. Pretty neat!!
I love these books. I read "A Shop on Blossom Street" some time ago and just now picked this one up. I finished it last night and thought it was really good. I would definitely read it again in the future. I find the stories so uplifting - maybe that's why I like Disneyland so much - always a happy ending.

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Emily said...

Knitting in line!!? You are amazing!