Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Big Bears

These bears are so fun to make and by now I can knit them in my sleep.

I like that there are an infinite number of options for them. Pretty much any yarn works and then everything else is up for grabs.
I particularly enjoyed making the above bears because I loved the yarn. It is from a shirt that was knit for the 11yo daughter

These two were knit for two of my nephews. They are larger than the other ones as they were knit using a bulkier yarn and size 9 needles. The one on the left is my favorite - his body suit is so-o-o soft, but I like the color of the one on the right much better. I realized this year (I guess last year now) that I really, really like to give gifts. All the gifts (except those from Santa) were handmade and for the most part well received. There are lots of ideas swirling around in my head now for next year - a blanket has already been started for the 14yo. I will share that later. There are a couple more holiday gifts to post about. I seem to be short of time so posting is a little limited - just a snippet here and there, but for me to look back and see a little journal of what has been worked on and thought about for the past year is great! Happy First Week of January :o)!

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