Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Through the Loops Mystery Sock

I joined a mystery sock group hosted by Through the Loops. This is my 3rd sock ever to knit. Awhile back I made my first pair of socks and love them. When this group came around, I decided it was the perfect excuse I needed to pick up the needles to knit another pair of socks!

I chose this yarn at JoAnn Fabrics (EEEK! I know, probably not the highest quality). I like the color and it feels soft. I will most likely like the socks that come out of it.
The band on the yarn said I could use needle sizes US1-US3.....well, I decided to swatch. I really like the fabric created by the size US1 needles, but the swatch turned out too small.

This swatch on size US2 came out almost the right size, but still too small.

This swatch is just about the right size so I chose to cast on with the size US3s. The fabric is a little to floppy for me, but it's ok.

Here is my sock up through clue #3. I really like the colors and the pattern is super easy. I really can't wait until clue #4 comes out on Thursday. It is the perfect soccer knitting!

Here it is on me. This is the whole thing. I like the pattern, but it is a little too loose for me. I like my socks super tight - the next one will be knit on size US2s and then I will decide which size needle to use for the 3rd sock :o) For some reason, I am not all that worried about trial and error this time around. I do not feel that great need for speed and to FINISH it. I am more just enjoying the process and letting it go slow. Am I mellowing???? Probably not!

More shots - trying to get a good picture of the pattern. The pattern is really pretty, but this variegated yarn does not do it justice. If I do knit this pattern again, which I am thinking I will, I will choose a solid yarn.

A heel shot!

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Amelia said...

look at all that swatching with all those neat little lables! i think that you have swatching down. knitting a whole sleeve and calling it a swatch is really just my way of starting a garment without, you know, really starting the garment. looking forward to seeing how those socks come out.