Sunday, July 12, 2009

finished!.....or is it??

I finally finished my daughter's EROS shell. Isn't is lovely? The picture truly does not do it justice. The colors are much more vibrant and the ribbon bits give it a really interesting texture. My daughter loves it - all that is left is to sew the shoulder seams together. My daughter wants to try it on.......oh, my........the armholes are too snug. So snug infact that the unsewed shoulder seams are not holding together!!

A picture of the too small armholes!! What was I thinking? her body the size of a 3 year old?
ripped back to the start of the shoulder shaping

So......this pattern is intended for adults. I did some math (there's the first problem) and figured out my daughter's circumference times stitches per inch to decide how many stitches to cast on. All was well. That part fits fine. Modified the pattern a bit so that I can knit in the round - so much faster for me!! Great, that worked. Measured how long she would like the shirt to be from her armholes to the bottom.....fine! Split the shirt into front and back - Figured out the armhole decreases - just right! Great! I was getting so close. Then, I'm not sure what happened, my measuring tape decided to lie to me!! I measured from her armpit to her neck and got 5 1/4", knit just shy of that put in the shoulder decreases, joined the shirt front and back together to knit in the round for the collar, bound off, put the shoulder seams together with stitch holders and let the daughter try it on.....EEEEEKK!! No dice! This was in the morning. That night at about 10:30 I undid the bindoff and ripped all the way back to the end of the shoulder decreases. I noticed that some of the stitches were slipping down into my work so I decided to catch those with more stitch markers and put the rest back on the needles. Tinked down to where the shoulder decreases started, caught and wove back up the stitches that slipped and had everything ready to knit at 12:30. What a SLOW and painstaking process!! Remeasured daughter from bottom of the armpit to her neck - hmmmm - she now measured 7" - she must have grown this much since the end of June - it could not have been my error!....could it??? Back to the knitting and hopefully it will be completely done soon!!

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