Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New & Old

Because the pinwheel blanket is really driving me insane-I have completed 8 rows of seed stitch and am using a picot bind off - I decided I needed a new project to keep me happy :o). I wanted to make a hat and scarf that would not match but go with the sweater I made for dh. This is the start of that hat. It is called the "Rook Hat" and I really like how the finished product should turn out. Now, I am fairly new to crochet - 3 squares under my belt, but as with most things crafty, I have decided to just dive right in. Let's see how this turns out and how many times it needs to be ripped! It has already been ripped once just to get to the point you see here.

Fleece blanket making. 10yo cutting!

13yo knotting

6yo knotting

10yo knotting

Uh Oh! It's a different color!! Actually two blankets were made from kits I bought last year on sale. All the kids were into making these (except for 3yo-he had better things to do-like play with lego). I just forgot to take a picture of the red backed blanket.

Another bear. Knitting complete, needs to be sewn, stuffed and embroidered. This one is supposed to look like he has on suspenders. 13yo dd has suggested that I add red buttons on the suspenders. I think that's a GREAT idea but since this is for my 2yo nephew, I will cut out the "buttons" from felt and embroider them on.

Bear for 7yo neice. I tried out a new stitch for the bodice - Row 1: YO, K2, pass the YO over the K2 and repeat. Row 2: purl. I like how it turned out except for the fact that:

It is holey (is that a word??). Anyway, I decided to block it (I never block these bears!) and will back this portion of the bear with some fabric from stash. I just haven't decided on what fabric - cotton, fleece, or something else. HMMM

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hakucho said...

Can't wait to see your bears once you put them together. They look quite interesting the way you knitted them :)