Saturday, October 25, 2008

Juice Pouch Purses

These have been on the list to make for quite awhile. I found a tutorial over the summer (I forgot to write down from where) and printed it out. Our family does not purchase juice pouches normally except when we are snack parent at some sporting event where the kids are a part of the team. I enlisted the help of a few friends whose kids love these things and they have been generously donating the used pouches to me.

This is my first attempt. The bag itself went together without a hitch in a little less than one hour. I tried to add on the embelishment. ACH! Quite the challenge. This is an old boa that was losing some of it's feathers so I took it from the dress up box. First I tried to use the sewing machine - no dice, getting around the corners was a nightmare. Then I tried by hand and really didn't like to look on the wrong side. I wound up using E6000 glue (boy do I hate the smell of that) which worked great, but I am worried that it won't hold up to lots of use. I think over time, the glue is just going to pop off.
My second attempt. The embelishment on this one is also an old boa (where did we get all of these boas??). This time I added the boa to each piece BEFORE stitching up the side seams. Much, Much easier. Now I have to figure out how to keep my top thread from breaking. The feather kind of get all wound up in the thread creating a "ball" of sorts and then the thread does not flow smoothly though the needle - causing the thread to break. I have an idea and will share it if it works :o) These were quick, fun, and oh so cute!! They also fit in with the theme of conserving money and resources that we are adopting here. The first bag is for my 10yo's friend's birthday (can't get a cuter, cheaper gift than that!) and the second was made for my next door neighbor's girl. Her family has donated the bulk of the pouches. She is more than thrilled - it was great to see the huge smile on her face!!

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