Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Knitting & Moments for Me & Tackle It Tuesday

Whew!! This has been a VERY busy week. The weeks to come are equally busy as well. AAAHH....the count down to summer vacation for the kidlets has truly begun - open houses, recitals, special class presentations, talent shows, and the list goes on and on and on........

Knitting this week. The baby sweater is just about finished. It needs to be sewn together, the sleeves, button bands and collar added. AND - all the ends need to be woven in - BLECH - there are boatloads of them. I love this pattern. It is extemely simple and fast to knit - the next one will be all in one color!! I love the fleece yarn, it is so, so, so soft. My husband's other cousin is expecting a boy so I will get the chance to knit another one in a boy color - just one color - NO striping - no millions of ends to weave in - and I bet it will be just as cute!!!

I have been feeling slothlike for quite a while and knew I needed to do something to lift my spirits as well as my sagging form. A friend of mine has been doing this program for 3 weeks and feels great. For 25 minutes each day, there is a different workout that includes warm up, strength training and cardio - I can do 25 minutes a day. This is my "Moments for Me", but they are now every morning at 5:15. It is so nice to focus on ME for a change :o)
This program does for you and your body, what flylady does for your home. A little bit each day consistently leads to great success.

Bookcases here are just breeding grounds for dropped items in our home. Things that should be put away, are left there until "later".


Bookcases will most likely become a theme for the next few Tuesdays as we have LOTS and LOTS of them and they all need to be organized!!

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hakucho said...

I sympathize with you with all your end weaving, but the end results will be beautiful. Good for you getting organized...I need to do some of that too :)