Friday, December 23, 2011

Fingerless Gloves

My first foray into knitting gloves, albeit fingerless ones was somewhat of a success. I'm not sure I enjoyed it enough to knit more of these babies, but I do like them.
Four girls will be very happy this Christmas!
This ball of yarn only cost $1 and I have quite a bit left over.
These are the first ones that I knit. As usual with me, the first glove needed to be taken out a few times before I got the hang of it. Then after it was complete and I put it on, I realized that there were HUGE holes between the fingers. Bummer!! I put it aside and started the second one. That one went a bit better, no holes, but one of the fingers is slightly shorter than all the rest. I fixed the finger problem and went back to the first one and sewed the holes shut. They are fine now, but boy, the finishing took quite a bit of time!
These are sparkly and blue and I know my 16 year old will simply love them!
These are my favorites! I like the crazy colors and they are very soft. Can't wait to see if the recipient likes them as much as I do.
All stacked up!
Only a few more sewn items and I will be done with gifts!!!


JayNic Knit Knacks said...

ooooh they are just fab.
Not been brave enough to try gloves with even that much of a finger yet.
Well done

Pretty Mades said...

Never mind your 16yr old, *I* want the rainbow ones! Good job! :D

My next venture is gloves, wish me luck!

SarahFay said...

You've done an awesome job!

hakucho said...

Great job on the gloves. I made one half a pair a way back and that was enough for me. Maybe it was the pattern....